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Revere Ware Stainless

Revere Ware Stainless Copper Bottomed Revere Cookware: Stainless Steel or Aluminum? I have an old set of copper bottomed Revere cookware frying pans and kettles. They are all labelled with something like this on the bottom: 1801 REVERE WARE 12 in.-85 CLINTON, ILL. U.S.A. Is there a possibility that these may be aluminum and not… Read More »

Element Cookware

Element Cookware what is 12 element stainless steel cookware? not sure on the quality, does 12 element construction add to cookware durability or value? You are probably inquiring about the “waterless cookware”. Waterless cookware is sold under several brand names and is a SCAM. They scare you in their presentations, telling you all sorts of… Read More »