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All About Copper Cookware

Copper Cookware Information Copper cookware is extremely popular in various parts of the world. The French are famous for their copper cookware, which is used to cook traditional French cuisine. With the increased availability of cookware in other materials like aluminum and stainless steel, copper cookware is facing stiff competition. Today copper cookware generally means… Read More »

Red KitchenAid Mini Mixers

Artisan Mini Mixers in RED If you like red and wanting one of the new Artisan mini mixers, you’re in luck! As you can see from the picture above, these mixers are available in two different shades of red, Empire Red and Hot Sauce Red. Other than the different color, they are the exact same… Read More »

Cast Iron Enamel

Cast Iron Enamel How to clean the stains on Enamel Coated Cast-Iron? I’ve got a Wolfgang Puck enamel coated dutch-oven. I cured it according to directions before using. The inside of the pot is off-white and any oil residue above the food-line leaves stains when it gets hot. Does anyone have any suggestions for removing… Read More »

Cast Iron Cookware: How to Clean

Cast Iron Cookware How to clean cast-iron cookware….? I’ve always been told never to use dish washing soap on cast-iron but was recently told by a health inspector friend that dish detergent must be used on all commercial cookware (including cast-iron) Is this safe? What is the best way to clean my cast-iron? Oh, and… Read More »