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Cast Iron Enamel

Cast Iron Enamel How to clean the stains on Enamel Coated Cast-Iron? I’ve got a Wolfgang Puck enamel coated dutch-oven. I cured it according to directions before using. The inside of the pot is off-white and any oil residue above the food-line leaves stains when it gets hot. Does anyone have any suggestions for removing… Read More »

Cookware Dutch Oven

Cookware Dutch Oven Can enamel cookware be used in the oven? I just purchased an enamel dutch oven shaped pot from Macy’s today. It did not come with a box as this was the display because no others were available. I am wanting to know if enamel pots can be used in the oven? I… Read More »

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware

Lodge Cast While all of the Chasseur Cast Iron Cookware boasts marvelous features and characteristics, a cast iron round dutch oven is probably one of the most versatile and flexible.  This unique vessel is truly a jack-of-trades when it comes to preparing the main entrée of your meal.  Whether it is chicken, pork, beef or… Read More »

Cleaning An Iron Frying Pan

Iron Frying Pan Can you put an iron frying pan in the dishwasher? I’ve always washed my iron pans by hand, but I’m just curious to know if you can wash them in the dishwasher without ruining them. Ok, so I’ve been using the same 2 cast iron frying pans for about 15 years. Always… Read More »